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The birth of Body at

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Ancient birthing statue

We humans are usually born head first and even though we are most often caught in a pair of loving hands before our heads strike the ground, we are routinely stricken with a deep case of amnesia as soon as we reach the planet — or shortly thereafter. There is usually enough of a memory of our source to keep us going for a few years, despite the delights of barbaric hospital births, primitive toys and condescending baby talk.

The adults who came before us forgot who they were, so they cannot know who we are. Quickly we forget that we were made in the image and likeness of God and have traded infinite love in on finite loneliness. It is rare for anyone on planet earth to remember for very long.

We dive into a swirl of people, places and things, are thrown around like a Spanish dancer — this way and that — until we get to that place where we want to stop the world and get off. We have tired of feeling less than love and aliveness. We become determined to remember who we are, to sort out which voice inside our head is our friend or foe. We promise ourselves to turn our lives around to ground zero and reclaim our original identity, our dignity, and compassionate nature. After all, “God is love”, and it is our job to “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

It is my humble opinion that “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect” might have been more accurately translated, “Ye are perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect”, for the same image and likeness that we were created in was, is and will always be, perfect. Pure light. Pure love. Spirit. That is what we are. It’s a true adventure to reclaim our heritage.

Remembering is the first step, but intellectual understanding and one or two flashes of clarity are not enough to sustain us for long. Frequent fun practice is essential because we tend to forget to remember. A lifetime of identifying with who we are not is not usually overcome in one instant, but string the instants together and the remembering becomes a habit and feels natural after a while.

That is why I recommend knocking off big chunks of false identification with a few great counseling sessions or deeply transformative workshops, attending ongoing groups affiliated with your favorite church or being part of a Twelve-Step Program (AA, CoDA, ACoA).

Between times of becoming aware of, working with and releasing the big chunks of old fear, we recommend staying in touch daily with your true nature by practicing feeling the feelings you love to feel. That’s what Really Healing is all about… releasing old fears and getting used to feeling peaceful, happy and content.

Here, at Really Healing, you will find the best information¬† on the nuts and bolts of real healing and a sweet series of practice videos that help you stay in touch with the love in your heart.This practice series is by subscription and we ask that you pay what you can — what it is worth to you — to help make the service available for those who cannot pay and to enable Really Healing to survive — now and for years to come.

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