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10 ways to stay cool!

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1) What to eat?
  • Hot weather is time for a cooling diet.
  • Eat as much raw food as possible.
  • You need to alter your diet to cool your body in hot climates.
  • Eat like they do in hot countries: spicy!
  • Fruits are cleansing, cooling.  I eat lots of fruit when it’s warm.
  • Greens are cool – think mint!
  • The higher the water content, the better.
  • No flour, sugar, heavy proteins, fats — they clog and heat you up.
  • You will not starve — even watermelon contains protein.
  • If you lust for ice cream, make it with ingredients that cool, not heat.
  • (Recipes for summer dishes will follow next summer!)
2) What do drink?
  • Cool, clear water.
  • Add a little slice of lemon or sprig of mint if you want it flavored.
  • No milk (unless you’re a baby), no sweeteners, including sugar.
  • Water plus fruit makes a nice natural treat, especially pineapple, papaya, mango, berries or watermelon.
  • (Recipes for summer drinks will follow soon!)
3) What to wear?
  • Cotton cools.  Synthetics heat.
  • No socks and shoes, except for cool leather sandals — plastic or rubber will heat the soles of your feet.
  • Loose clothing is cooler than no clothing at all.  People who live in the dessert are on to something — wear a loose caftan — it’s cooler than bare skin.
4) Use curtains to block heat
  • I learned this from a little old lady in Kansas when I was 25.
  • Sun coming in through glass heats the air.
  • Close the curtains on the sunny side of the house .
  • When the sun moves on, only then open the window.
  • Since the sun moves all day, you will need to be aware of where it is — east in the morning, west in the afternoon, north or south depending on your latitude.
5) Spritz strategic body parts
  • The body’s temperature spots are the hands/wrists & feet/ankles & face/ears/back of neck.
  • Spitz with water or add a little scent, especially mint.
  • Wear a cool, wet towel on your neck or put your feet in cool water.
  • Don’t hesitate to shower often.
  • Let summer be a time of cleansing, refreshing.
6) Move the air
  • Little fans that blow air over your feet and head are helpful.
  • If air conditioning feels “hot”, it’s because the air is not circulating.
  • If you have a ceiling fan make sure it’s pulling cool air up, not pushing the hot air down from the ceiling.
  • Window fans upstairs, blowing out, will draw the cool air from downstairs and push the hot air out.
7) Live downstairs
  • Heat rises. It’s cooler downstairs.
  • Just a couple of feet below the surface, the earth maintains a constant 55 degrees summer & winter, so downstairs is good!
8) At night
  • At night, throw open the windows and doors.
  • Let the cool night air saturate your home completely.
  • Since heat rises, use window fans upstairs and point them out, to move the hot air out through the upstairs windows.
  • The cool air from downstairs will move in and fill both downstairs and upstairs.
9) Sleep in, under and on cotton
  • No synthetic sheets or nightwear.
  • A thick cotton or even wool blanket on top of your mattress, under the sheet, will help wick the heat away from your body.
10) Soothing music
  • When I step into a room where soothing music plays, it is as if a cool breeze is blowing.
  • Try watching and listening to things that soothe and comfort rather than excite and get you all worked up — and heated up.
  • (Suggested listening coming soon!)

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