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Salt – Nature’s medicine

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In ancient times, salt was literally worth its weight in gold.  In desert areas where salt was rare, people would die for want of it.  Real salt contains every mineral known to man and minerals are the building blocks of everything on this planet.

In modern times, mining companies discovered that sea water contains precious minerals — uranium, gold, silver, etc — and that water is cheaper to mine than land. So modern miners evaporate sea water, sort out the valuable elements one from another, remove them, sell the precious minerals for “big bucks” and sell the residue — the sodium chloride — to us.

Salt companies then package sodium chloride creatively, advertise it cleverly, and it ends up in your food.  Sodium chloride is also used for:

  • tanning hides
  • melting ice off streets
  • water softeners
  • manufacturing pulp and paper
  • setting dyes in textiles and fabric
  • producing soaps, detergents and other bath products
  • the extinguishing agent in fire extinguishers

Sodium chloride is not a natural food.  It is a cheap byproduct of the mining industry. It is used in almost every area of commercial activity — but please don’t put much of it in your mouth.

Where do the other 112 precious minerals mined from sea salt go? Pharmaceutical companies buy minerals to make medicines for mysterious mental, emotional and physical ailments. They make pills for pennies and sell them at a huge markup — as high as 134,000%.

Pharmaceutical companies also make nutritional supplements from the minerals, which are designed to remedy dietary deficiencies.

How many diseases are caused by mineral deficiencies due to ingesting two minerals in sodium chloride instead of all 114 minerals in real salt?  Isn’t it wiser, less expensive and less painful to merely eat real salt and bypass the need for drugs and supplements and illness altogether? Let’s do it!

Deep, systemic diseases have their origins long before there are observable symptoms. Several years after white sparkly table salt was introduced, a goiter epidemic occurred in the midsection of the USA. When the health department finally solved the mystery — that the new, modern, white sparkly, free-flowing salt was the culprit — the salt company then added a little bit of iodine to the sodium chloride and called it “very good”.

My question is, if goiter is caused by iodine deficiency, then what other diseases might be caused by lacking the other 112 minerals?

Determining correlations between specific diseases and mineral deficiencies might make a worthwhile research project for scientists but in the meanwhile, more simply, we can immediately help bolster our immune systems and our health by giving our bodies everything they need to function well.  We can trade in the white sparkly, free-flowing two-note salt in our cupboards for real, full-spectrum sea salt.

It is estimated that a majority of people in the US suffer from bipolar disorder, a mood swing condition caused by lithium deficiency. Lithium is another naturally occurring mineral in seawater but absent in processed table salt.  Could bipolar be prevented, remedied or even eradicated by using real salt?

Real salt contains far more than sodium and chlorine.  It contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and a host of other vital nutrients — all essential for the healthy functioning of a human body.  Sea salt contains all the minerals that are naturally present in your intercellular fluids, and they occur in the same ratio.  Every mineral is important to optimal health.  We need all the minerals to function well.

Celtic salt or any salt made by simply allowing pristine ocean water to evaporate is grey or yellowish and clumps together… humble but potent medicine.

Beware the white sparkly “sea salt” sold in high-end supermarkets and health food stores — it is just sodium chloride,. It’s no better for you than any other form of sodium chloride and it might be worse, for it does not even contain iodine.  Plus, salt companies usually heat sodium chloride to dry it and when heated it forms sharp, rigid crystals that can damage delicate internal membranes.

White salt is just another overly processed product like white flour or white sugar.  Sodium chloride is, in all honesty, not fit for human consumption.

Designer salts may or may not be healthier than table salt.  Some are merely sodium chloride plus flavoring or coloring, in larger chunks or a finer grind.   Pink Himalayan salt is very pretty and it contains 84 minerals, which is a significant improvement over sodium chloride.  But it contains only 75% of the minerals in real sea salt.  We need them all.

Don’t settle for anything less than the real thing.  And at the same time, you don’t need a lot of it — a little real salt goes a very long way. I’ve been using Celtic Sea Salt® Brand for many years.

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