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Love cheese – but can’t digest it?

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I have been allergic to milk my entire life, but since the doctor discouraged my mother from breastfeeding and I was born before baby formula was invented, they had no idea what else to do but to feed me milk. And so my health suffered until I was an adult and finally realized I was allergic — and therefore addicted — to milk.

There are valuable digestive enzymes in cultured products, so it was a wonderful day in my life when I learned an easy way to make raw, dairy-free sunflower seed cheese. This is what I do…

Grind a cup or two of organic sunflower seeds in a coffee grinder. Put the ground seeds in a bowl and add water to a thick milkshake consistency. Place the bowl, uncovered, on the counter. Stir two or three times daily.

In two to four days (depending on the weather), when the mixture is “airy” — light and full of bubbles — it will taste tart, like cheese. At that point, I like to add kelp granules and dried dill weed.

Store in the refrigerator. Cover lightly; do not tighten the lid. The culture needs air to breathe.

Sunflower seed cheese is great in a wrap, on crackers, bread, or as part of a salad.

If you put it in the back of the frig and forget it for a while, it can get REALLY “ripe” and it will taste like roquefort cheese and it is delicious on salads.

You can also add the contents of a probiotic capsule to make it cure faster.

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