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Open letter to OB/GYNs

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Dear doctor,

I am going to assume you are one of the MDs who is very sincere and truly wants to be part of the miracle of birth and healing.

SUGGESTION: Make a place that is safe for women and babies to birth. Start a birthing clinic staffed with lots of midwives who know how to assist mothers without interfering. Make a place where every stage of birth is considered natural — not measured, monitored, timed, managed and frowned upon. Make a place where there are only a few MDs who enter the picture only if there is a legitimate emergency, not an emergency of iatrogenic origins.

No IVs, no drugs, no pressure, no lying flat on backs, no “pit to distress”, no threats, no knives, no assumptions that things are going to go wrong.

No babies screaming due to shock of having cord cut, no yanking on the cord out of the mother, no circumstraint boards, no clamps, no plastibels and no knives.

“All healing is essentially the release from fear.”

If you truly want to be a healer and not just an automobile mechanic, then take the fear out of medicine. So far, medicine has a bad habit of instilling fear — mothers during Semmelweis’ time used to prefer giving birth on the street rather than in the obstetrics ward where doctors refused to wash their hands — and mothers are beginning to think similarly about modern obstetrical tactics. They would rather not go to a hospital, be overpowered by staff and overwhelmed by procedures…

Would you like to subject yourself to the system? I hear many of you opt out for you and your families.

At the most tender time of birth, mothers need to feel safe, so they can relax & have a normal, natural, easy, joyous — and truly safe birth.

Then you will see miracles and your heart will be filled and your work will be helpful… not harmful.

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