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Air – Oxygen

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Clean, clear air is one of the most important factors in your healing. Cancer cells are anaerobic. They die in an oxygen rich environment.

There is a charge in the air at the ocean, after thunderstorms and around waterfalls, when we take showers. This is due to negative ions produced by water rushing through the air. Negative ions clean the air of particulate matter. Negative ions make people feel happy. Positive ions are common in the flat lands, desert and around big buildings in cities — wherever winds are high and strong. Positive ions make people feel irritable.

I have a negative ion generator in nearly every room of my home. I do not run them when I am in the room, but some of the gentler ones run all day and night. My home smells fresh and clean and when something smelly comes into my home, such as dirt or fertilizer from the garden or the curing of sauerkraut, the odor doesn’t last long.

If you have read the articles on my sites about how love and fear are opposites, perhaps you could extend that notion to the body. When the air is clean, clear, fresh, it feels safe and breathes deeply. When the air is full of dust and mites and toxins, then it feels threatened by the foreign substances and holds the breath.

The first time I saw a negative ion generator was in a store with a display. The clerk invited me to watch as he lit a cigarette and placed it under a glass bowl. Smoke filled the bowl. Then he said, “Watch this!” and flipped a switch. The smoke disappeared. Needless to say, I was astonished and impressed. I bought one and used it at home but also took it with me when I travelled. I’d find a hotel room, turn on the negative ion generator, and go to dinner. By the time I got back, in an hour or two, the room would have been cleared of all the smells from chemical they used to clean.

My friend Robert Gray, author of The Colon Health Handbook, highly recommended negative ion generators, so I put one in my apartment in San Francisco, which was on a bus route, and noticed one day when I moved the furniture, that there was a perfect outline on the wall on the other side of the table from the negative ion generator. The black exhaust from the bus would come in the window and the negative ion generator would, for all practical purposes, throw it against the wall.

When I worked in an office that smelled of construction materials, paint and new carpet, a couple of negative ion generators quickly cleared the air. The same was true when I remodeled my home before I moved in.

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