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Food – An overview

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Food comes third in importance for survival, after air and water, because you can only live a few minutes without air, a few days without water and you can live quite well for weeks without food. Yet the quality of the food you eat makes quite a difference in the health of your body — as does the amount, the time and the way you eat it.

Live foods make live bodies. This is why the raw foods movement is growing so rapidly among the health conscious. When food is cooked, color is lost — raw foods are much more beautiful and are therefore more more appetizing to the eye. Nutrients are lost in cooking but raw foods retain their vital, natural components. Seasonings are necessitated in cooking because flavor is lost — many chefs and diners liberally add salt to cooked foods — while raw foods retain the depth of flavor that the food naturally contains, so they are far more delicious, enzymes are lost — raw foods contain enzymes, and the very structure of the molecules is changed from rounded to sharp.

At birth, our natural, pristine taste buds want mother’s milk. But with the advent of modern obstetrics and baby bottles, after World War II, it became common for babies to be fed the milk of animals or “milk” made in a laboratory from an assortment of ingredients. I was fed cow’s milk from a baby bottle. When scientists in laboratories began formulating food for babies, my brother was raised on a formula of soy milk.

Unfortunately, they have determined that only human milk really nourishes babies as they are meant to be nourished. Formulas, fruit juices, water, etc — babies were not designed to consume such exotic fare. Many people who were not fed mother’s milk find they need to take special care of their health as adults.

Improper food for human bodies continues throughout life. The quality of food we eat determines the ease with which our body obtains the ingredients it needs to function as it was intended.Some think that cooked foods are easier for the body to digest because they are softer and can slide down the gullet more easily, but in actuality cooked foods have no enzymes in them to break them down, so

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