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Water – A magical substance

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Water is a magical substance. It is transparent, so you can see through it, it falls from the sky, flows through the earth, pours from pitcher to glass, into your mouth and through the body, lubricating all bodily functions, harming nothing, cleansing, cooling and refreshing you.

You are made primarily of water.

A molecule of water is one atom of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen. It is solid at 32°F, liquid until it reaches 212°F and it vaporizes. At the two extremes, water exists as ice, and as water vapor. But it is most abundant in its liquid form and fills streams, rivers, lakes and oceans.

The water in most city water systems contain chemicals that we would never choose to drink if we realized that they were there and knew how harmful they were. Fluoride, for instance, is a byproduct of the aluminum smelting industry and is used as a rat poison. In World War II, it was determined that if the drinking water was fluoridated, they needed only half as many guards in the concentration camps. So it was added to the water in Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia to chemically sterilize inmates and made them docile.

Chlorine gas is used to kill. In water, it acts as a bleach to whiten the laundry, and it is used to purify city water. I use a filter on my shower, as chlorine in the air is a noxious substance. It is best to allow to it to evaporate before drinking tap water. Simple charcoal water filters easily remove the odor of chlorine.

Rather than add noxious chemicals to city water, in Europe many municipalities use ozone. Ozone is the most powerful disinfectant on the planet. Ozone is an effective way of purifying without leaving a chemical in the water.

Hot tub ozonators are safer and easier than measuring and maintaining chlorine levels. There are ozonators for refrigerators that keep produce fresh longer — because it actually kills bacteria, fungi and mold — and reduces the odors.

Oxygen is successfully used clinically to treat blood problems, cancer and infection — without harming the patient.

I use a Culligan water filter and then put an “Ozonator” in the water for 20 minutes before I drink it. sometimes I sprinkle a few grains of celtic salt in my water glass for a full spectrum of minerals.

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