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Miracle foods made easy

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Eat this daily and your health will soar!

The main miracle foods are garlic, lemon juice, olive oil (extra virgin), celtic salt and cayenne. Few Americans eat them on a daily basis, but it’s simple enough to do. I put them in my very delicious salad every day… so can you! Here’s how…

Greens… Primates eat half fruit, half greens. Few Americans eat enough greens… dark, leafy greens such as kale, chard, spinach and parsley. Herbs such as thyme, oregano, green onion or garlic tops.

Easy to clean… Fill a bowl with clean water and swish your greens. Pull out the greens, empty the water out and fill again. Return the greens and swish again. Repeat until there is no more grit in the bottom of the bowl. Remove any stems that are rigid.

Put the greens in your salad bowl.If they are larger than bite size, you can cut them with a knife or scissors. If they are tough, you can soften them by massaging them between your fingers or by pounding them with a wooden pestle… they become quite sensuous when you do.

Garlic… Garlic is nature’s antibiotic. It kills even cancer cells. Peel cloves of garlic by squishing a clove between your fingers or pressing it under the flat side of a knife against a chopping board. Pressure breaks the seal so you can now easily remove the peel. Prepare by using a garlic press or flattening with your knife and chopping finely.

Lemon… Cut a lemon in half across its midsection (not from end to end). This makes it easy to squeeze.

Now you are ready for a great salad. Sprinkle a tiny amount of celtic salt (celtic salt contains all the minerals in your intercellular fluids) — you only need a little! Squeeze the lemon juice over the salt, to dissolve it. Toss with the greens. Add olive oil. Toss again. Sprinkle a small amount of cayenne over it all and toss again.

Optional ingredients… If you want other veggies or fruits in your salad, clean them as well.

Cucumber or zucchini… They can be peeled if the skin is tough. Once peeled, continue to use the peeler to make “noodles” of them. Now you have a naturally wet, wiggly, wonderful vegetable pasta — with no gluten!

Root vegetables… Scrape or peel root vegetables. Carrots and beets are wonderful in salad meals. Grated finely, they are sweet, wet and delicious. Left raw, they taste far better than cooked or pickled. You know beets are naturally sweet because they make sugar from them. Fresh, raw ginger root grated into a salad adds an extra flavor and healing boost.
Fruit… I sometimes add an apple to my salads if I feel my sweet tooth calling. Or I might add a little honey, which is another very healing food.
Another easy, healthy salad dressing… olive or other cold pressed oil, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, prepared mustard ( I make mine with mustard seeds and apple cider vinegar), celtic salt.

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