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Your body’s cravings

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Yearning for sweets is a natural bodily hunger.
Primates in nature eat half fruit and half greens.
Fruit is a natural sweet that we were designed to indulge in.

But balancing “modern” foods is more challenging…

When you eat something dry, you then want something wet…
When you eat something salty, you wants something sweet…
When you eat too much sweet, you then want something bitter…

chips & dip
donuts & coffee
beer & pretzels

Most people drink bitter coffee with something sweet.

Bitter cacao needs sweetness to make it palatable.

Yin-yang, teeter-totter, The body is always balancing.

Eat less salt and you will crave less sugar.
Eat more fruit and refined sugars will be less appealing.

When all the taste buds are satisfied, then you will have fewer cravings.
This is why green smoothies work best when you include:

fruit (sweet)
greens (bitter)
maybe a little lemon rind (sour)
ginger (pungent)
a grain of salt

i sometimes — not always, but if my body says to —¬†add a little grated apple to my mega salad, or a little sweet liquid like honey. It’s why honey-mustard dressing is so satisfying —

sweet honey (or any other sweetener)
sour lemon juice (or vinegar or sauerkraut)
pungent mustard
all on bitter greens

It works!!!

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