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Top 5 Deadliest Substances on Earth – ?

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Top 5 Deadliest Substances on Earth – YouTube.

Thirty years ago, I knew an oncologist (cancer doctor) who was researching cancer cures.  We were walking on the beach on the first warm day in spring – hundreds of others were also doing the same – and I asked him to tell me about his project.  What he told me reminded me of books I’d read: “Laetrile, Nature’s Answer to Cancer” and “World without Cancer”.

That’s wonderful!” I said, “you are going to find it!”

“How do you know?” he asked.

“Because that’s Laetrile,” I responded.

He stopped dead and stood like a stone statue while people walked by us.  He stared silently into space.  He seemed to be in a trance.  I could not get his attention. Finally, he spoke in a very quiet voice.  “They’ll destroy me…” he said.

I asked “Who? Who will destroy you?”  It took him several minutes to answer.

“The AMA will destroy me,” … and he repeated that several times.

On the walk back to my apartment, he told me that he had been on a committee at the National Institutes of Health, responsible for testing Laetrile.  The test?  Only this:

The head of the committee walked in the door while they all sat around a big table, licked his finger and put it in a small bowl of Laetrile in the middle of the table, tasted it and spat it out.  “That’s CYANIDE!” he said loudly.

That was it!  No other test was performed.  Laetrile was outlawed.  My friend knew the vicious politics of medicine and science.  His research also stopped dead in its tracks.  He changed specialties.  Ironically, my friend had been unknowingly reinventing the wheel.

If he had felt safe to announce his findings to the world, there would no longer be a cancer epidemic. If the pharmaceutical and medical industries sincerely valued life over profits and wanted to prevent and cure cancer, they could.  My mother would still be alive.

The pharmaceutical industry would like you to avoid seeds, nuts and beans, dark green leafy greens, etc, because if you don’t get a little bit of “nature’s answer to cancer”, you will be a great source of revenue for them. The cancer epidemic still rages in the US because we eat sweet, salty, sour, but avoid the bitter flavor.  I learned from those books to eat my apple seeds, lemon seeds, grapefruit seeds.  And it appears that once I’ve had enough, I no longer eat them.  The body is wise..  Read those books.  When you eat an apple, eat the seeds. It might be the seeds that keep the doctor away.

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