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Food – An overview

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Food comes third in importance for survival, after air and water, because you can only live a few minutes without air, a few days without water and you can live quite well for weeks without food. Yet the quality of the food you eat makes quite a difference in the health of your body — as does the amount, the time and the way you eat it.

Live foods make live bodies. This is why the raw foods movement is growing so rapidly among the health conscious. When food is cooked, color is lost — raw foods are much more beautiful and are therefore more more appetizing to the eye. Nutrients are lost in cooking but raw foods retain their vital, natural components. Seasonings are necessitated in cooking because flavor is lost — many chefs and diners liberally add salt to cooked foods — while raw foods retain the depth of flavor that the food naturally contains, so they are far more delicious, enzymes are lost — raw foods contain enzymes, and the very structure … Read more…

Guest lecturer Bill Maher…

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Love cheese – but can’t digest it?

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I have been allergic to milk my entire life, but since the doctor discouraged my mother from breastfeeding and I was born before baby formula was invented, they had no idea what else to do but to feed me milk. And so my health suffered until I was an adult and finally realized I was allergic — and therefore addicted — to milk.

There are valuable digestive enzymes in cultured products, so it was a wonderful day in my life when I learned an easy way to make raw, dairy-free sunflower seed cheese. This is what I do… … Read more…

Salt – Nature’s medicine

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In ancient times, salt was literally worth its weight in gold.  In desert areas where salt was rare, people would die for want of it.  Real salt contains every mineral known to man and minerals are the building blocks of everything on this planet.

In modern times, mining companies discovered that sea water contains precious minerals — uranium, gold, silver, etc — and that water is cheaper to mine than land. So modern miners evaporate sea water, sort out the valuable elements one from another, remove them, sell the precious minerals for “big bucks” and sell the residue — the sodium chloride — to us. … Read more…

10 ways to stay cool!

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1) What to eat?
  • Hot weather is time for a cooling diet.
  • Eat as much raw food as possible.
  • You need to alter your diet to cool your body in hot climates.
  • Eat like they do in hot countries: spicy!
  • Fruits are cleansing, cooling.  I eat lots of fruit when it’s warm.
  • Greens are cool – think mint!
  • The higher the water content, the better.
  • No flour, sugar, heavy proteins, fats — they clog and heat you up.
  • You will not starve — even watermelon contains protein.
  • If you lust for ice cream, make it with ingredients that cool, not heat. … Read more…

Foods & moods

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What is a chemical?  What is a chemical imbalance?

A chemical is a substance used in or produced by a chemical process.   Life processes require chemicals.Pharmaceutical drugs are chemicals – but so are foods.

Our bodies are also chemical factories.  They take food, water, sunshine and other substances and make healthy bodies and minds from them.

When seeds sprout and plants grow, they begin pulling, tearing apart, and rearranging ingredients from the air, sunshine and earth.  They are tiny, living, chemical factories.  The resulting products of plant factories are a vast array of chemicals.  People used to eat foods that were locally grown, without added chemicals, without pesticides or poisonous fertilizers, … Read more…

Air foods for mental alertness

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Foods that grow in trees support mental activity.  They help us wake up and get going in the morning.  They are sweet, wet, cool and wash the waste out of our bodies.  Eating fruits from trees first thing in the morning is like taking a shower on the inside.  They make you feel clean and fresh and ready to greet the day.

Too little of the air foods and you are mentally dull, boring, bored.  Too much makes you feel weak, giddy, silly, goofy, “fruity,” “nutty,” “spacey,” forgetful.

Earth foods support physical activities

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When you need to do something physical and practical like wash the car, vacuum the floor, or just move your body from one place to another, try a dose of earth food: a nice big glass of carrot juice, a hit of ginger in your smoothie, garlic in your salad.  Other examples of earth foods are beets, potatoes, onions and peanuts.

Root vegetables bring you back to a practical place. They are grounding.  Too many earth foods will make you lethargic.

Water foods feed the emotions

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Emotions need to flow, like water.  To have a relaxing day, you might go out on a lake and float on a raft or go to the ocean and watch the waves come in and go out.  To feel calm and peaceful, you can eat a good amount of water foods daily.  If you are going to be working with a therapist in a healing session, you might want to eat lots of watermelon the day before.

Water foods are foods that grow in the water and close to the ground, such as heavy squashes, melons, strawberries, pineapple, and dark green leafy vegetables.  Most animals make greens a large part of their diets.  To be healthy in body and mind, humans should eat lots of greens too.

“But where do we get our protein?” I hear you ask.  “Where do cows get their protein?” I respond.

Water foods soothe. They help you sleep well.  Eat a nice large salad at dinner time and you will sleep like a baby. Too many water foods may overwhelm.

Fire foods facilitate social functioning

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Fire foods grow on bushes, vines and stalks. They are the foods you can reach straight out and pick, standing up. They support social exchange.  Fire foods are good for sales meetings and parties.

Examples are grains such as rice, barley, wheat; fruits such as grapes. tomatoes, bell peppers and hot peppers, cucumbers, all berries and fruits of the vine; and seeds such as sesame, flax, sunflower seeds, chia and hemp.

Most of the world’s population makes rice the mainstay of their daily diet and they stay quite healthy.

Too little of the fire foods and you may feel shy and retiring.  Too many and you are overly aggressive. Notice that some fire foods can be made into alcoholic beverages.