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Indulge yourself

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Feeling deprived, sets up a craving for “comfort foods” that ultimately make you feel even more unhealthy and uncomfortable.  So rather than deprive yourself of unhealthy foods, I recommend indulging in healthy foods.

Hints that have helped me avoid the deprivation trap.

1) The more flavors I put in my salads and smoothies — sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent (hot, spicy) — the more satisfying my food is and the less I crave things that are not good for me. (See Miracle foods made easy.)

2) If I find myself craving something that isn’t good for me (chocolate, corn chips, cheese or anything else), I intentionally overdose on it. I eat as much of it as I possibly can at one sitting. Once I’ve had a stomach ache from too much, it turns me off instead of on. Do not try this if you are diabetic.

3) Yet craving indicates things I legitimately need, so I analyze what is attractive about the foods I crave. White sugar by the spoonful is not interesting, flour by itself is not interesting, so that is not what I want. What is interesting in a candy bar or a cookie or a cake is the fruit or the nuts or the raw cacao or vanilla… so I make a dish of the good items minus the sugar. (See Staying on good food.) Chips are interesting due to the crunch, the oil & salt, so I learned to use a high quality olive oil generously on my salad. With a dehydrator I can make vegetable chips with flax that rival or trump commercial chips… or just eat a carrot! I make a simple sunflower seed cheese and it satisfies me as much or more than a cheese from the deli counter. (See Love cheese — but can’t digest it?)

I use plenty of my favorite seasonings and spices…

Never, never, never, ever allow yourself to feel deprived. Avoid bad foods by indulging in the flavors and textures you love safely, by choosing healthy alternatives.

Staying on good food

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How do you do it? my friends ask. How do you avoid sugar?

My secret is to eat as much fresh, ripe, raw, organic fruit in the morning as I want, until my sweet tooth is fully satisfied, so I won’t fall prey to craving sweets. If I do later “need” a sweet, I will make a mixture of seeds or nuts or seed or nut butter plus dates, raw organic cacao or vanilla or cinnamon… or I might simply have an apple.

The important thing, I think, is to make sure your body has the nutrients it needs, so I avoid anything devoid of nutrients: white flour, white sugar, white salt.

Green smoothies are a wonderful way to satisfy the sweet tooth, get digestive enzymes and also feed your body what it needs — fresh, raw fruit and lots of vital nutrients from greens. Just whiz fruit, water, kale, parsley or spinach plus maybe a little fresh ginger. Your delicious drink tastes like fruit but you have just ingested a healthy dose of greens.

I also make sure to eat a huge, wonderful salad daily with lots of dark colors: green, red, blue, yellow. Lately I’ve been making sure I have something fermented in my salad too… either seed cheese or homemade sauerkraut, to provide extra digestive enzymes.

When I feel a need for something more complicated, I make raw bread from buckwheat, flax seeds, carrot & other veggies plus herbs & fennel seed. I form it into little rounds about 5 or 6″ across. Then, anything I put on it — olives, tomato, pesto, seed cheese — tastes good enough to me, that I call it pizza!

A guest once said that my raw pizza was the best pizza she had ever eaten!

Miracle foods made easy

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Eat this daily and your health will soar!

The main miracle foods are garlic, lemon juice, olive oil (extra virgin), celtic salt and cayenne. Few Americans eat them on a daily basis, but it’s simple enough to do. I put them in my very delicious salad every day… so can you! Here’s how…

Greens… Primates eat half fruit, half greens. Few Americans eat enough greens… dark, leafy greens such as kale, chard, spinach and parsley. Herbs such as thyme, oregano, green onion or garlic tops.

Easy to clean… Fill a bowl with clean water and swish … Read more…

You – yes, YOU – are your own best healer

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You, my friend, are your own best healer because you live in your body and know what foods you eat, what movements you make, what thoughts, feelings and attitudes you usually indulge in.  For good information and encouragement, stay in touch with us here at — subscribe to all sections — Body, Mind, Spirit — for all three aspects work together to keep you healthy and whole.

Start now, if you haven’t already begun – learn everything you can about health and healing. We can coach you, if you wish. Taking care of your body is not only fun and empowering — it will also save your life and life savings. Contact us now.

To keep your body and mind in a healthy chemical balance, do not study medical books, but nutritional healing books… books on natural foods, vitamins, minerals (throw out your free-flowing sodium chloride and use only full-spectrum salt), cleansing, food combining, the acid-alkalinity balance, and herbs.

Study exercise systems like yoga and Feldenkrais — movement systems that help keep your spine aligned. Study books about acupressure points … Read more…

Water – A magical substance

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Water is a magical substance. It is transparent, so you can see through it, it falls from the sky, flows through the earth, pours from pitcher to glass, into your mouth and through the body, lubricating all bodily functions, harming nothing, cleansing, cooling and refreshing you.

You are made primarily of water. … Read more…

Air – Oxygen

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Clean, clear air is one of the most important factors in your healing. Cancer cells are anaerobic. They die in an oxygen rich environment.

There is a charge in the air at the ocean, after thunderstorms and around waterfalls, when we take showers. This is due to negative ions produced by water rushing through the air. Negative ions clean the air of particulate matter. Negative ions make people feel happy. Positive ions are common in the flat lands, desert and around big buildings in cities — wherever winds are high and strong. Positive ions make people feel irritable. … Read more…

Food – An overview

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Food comes third in importance for survival, after air and water, because you can only live a few minutes without air, a few days without water and you can live quite well for weeks without food. Yet the quality of the food you eat makes quite a difference in the health of your body — as does the amount, the time and the way you eat it.

Live foods make live bodies. This is why the raw foods movement is growing so rapidly among the health conscious. When food is cooked, color is lost — raw foods are much more beautiful and are therefore more more appetizing to the eye. Nutrients are lost in cooking but raw foods retain their vital, natural components. Seasonings are necessitated in cooking because flavor is lost — many chefs and diners liberally add salt to cooked foods — while raw foods retain the depth of flavor that the food naturally contains, so they are far more delicious, enzymes are lost — raw foods contain enzymes, and the very structure … Read more…

Your magnificent human body

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You may not know this yet, but…
You are not a body.  You are a powerful spiritual being temporarily occupying a magnificent temple that money could never buy. And when you don’t only hope and wish and believe that you are spirit, but know it is true, then you tend to take better care of the temple.

Some people hate the body
Some people trash their bodies because they don’t know what bodies are for. Perhaps they are angry because they feel trapped inside a body. Or they trash the body in a desperate attempt to experience pleasure, using the body as their tool. But it doesn’t work. … Read more…

Guest lecturer Bill Maher…

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Salt – Nature’s medicine

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In ancient times, salt was literally worth its weight in gold.  In desert areas where salt was rare, people would die for want of it.  Real salt contains every mineral known to man and minerals are the building blocks of everything on this planet.

In modern times, mining companies discovered that sea water contains precious minerals — uranium, gold, silver, etc — and that water is cheaper to mine than land. So modern miners evaporate sea water, sort out the valuable elements one from another, remove them, sell the precious minerals for “big bucks” and sell the residue — the sodium chloride — to us. … Read more…